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You have to give credit to the ones who came up with such simple yet creative products. Check out some of these fun product pictures below! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

Unique Creations for Those Who Love to Drink! (11 Pics)

So here's some pretty funny drinking inventions that I thought would be awesome to share. Are you a drinker? You'll be on top of these funny drinking inventions!

Beer Me! The Shoot a Brew Cooler (Watch)

I must say, this 'Shoot a Brew Cooler' is a pretty legit idea. Perfect for backyard parties and tailgates. Only downfall for me, is opening the beer after it slings out at you that...

They Call This… The Wine Rack! (Watch)

So this invention is pretty interesting. This 'wine rack' is meant to be sent to all the single ladies or the sad girlfriend. It's a rack (bra sized) that is filled with wine, almost...