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Inspirational Posters

There Are Good People in This World After All

We do have good people in this world after all. Here we have some good people doing good things pictures to spark your day.

15 Pieces of Wisdom from John Lennon

Thank you John Lennon for leaving these pieces of wisdom before you left. Take in these John Lennon quotes guys.

Love Comes in Many Forms

And these are some precious moments of how love can come in many forms. Great post right here.

Donald Trump Quotes as Inspirational Posters

Oh dear god why would somebody make these Donald Trump quotes inspirational posters.

Now That’s a Best Friend… (Dog & Boy)

We're loving these cute animal stories and will continue to keep them coming in. Brings a tear to my eye, no lie.

Those Oddly Coupled Animal Stories Always Get Me (Dog & Lion)

Seriously though, animals are the best. Especially when they meet their best friend no matter what type of animal.

15 Photo Illustrated Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Life

So it's time to think about it with these photo illustrated questions. A little thinker in life time...

Vin Diesel Names Newborn in Memory of Fast and Furious Co-star

Vin Diesel and girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez, welcomed their third child together on Monday, March 16.  The following Monday, Diesel announced that the couple named their new addition Pauline in honor of his late best...

5 Useful Quotes You Learned Today

Time to take in some knowledge. Maybe some advice from some of the greats.

Think You Would Recognize Your Own Homeless Family? (Watch)

This video tries to get a point across to certain people. Not that I am saying I support the homeless or don't but what if you're family members sat on the streets and you...

An Inspirational Sports Video (Watch)

Even if you're not in to sports this is a great sports video that is labeled to be a real big inspirational video on the web. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNkzNlOS9eM

Somewhat Inspirational Quotes

Here are some inspirational quotes with a little twist to them!