The Voice Behind the EA Sports It’s In the Game is Nuts

Nuts as in it's so weird seeing the EA sports guy saying it live and in person in this video. For all of those EA Sports gamer fans, you'll know who im talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCBY7q-FITY More...

Kid Hacks into Second Life Club and It Doesn’t Go Well (Video)

I'm not quite sure what the whole Second Life Club but I do love the whole hacking a community game so I thought this fit well in the funny category. https://youtu.be/JaTYFs380rI

Smash Bros Trailer Synced with Queen Song (Video)

If you're a gamer and a music lover then this is the perfect video for you. We have the new Smash Bros Ultimate trailer played with Queen's Dont Stop Me Now song. Bravy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3aZSpGwDJ4

Funniest Live Action Advanced Warfare Commentary Ever

Gamers or not, this is still a hilarious to listen and watch. StoneMountain64 is the funniest Youtubers, and gamers in our opinion. Funny thing is, some gamers actually recognize him and enjoy it, others...

Most Popular Twitch Clips Ever

If you're a Twitch gamer fan then you may or may not seen these most viewed Twitch video clips. If not, we have some interesting Twitch clips to catch up on. Most Viewed Twitch Clips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ApnVnTqDX4

Characters Everyone Wants to See in Super Smash Bros Switch

Now that Nintendo Switch is taking off, they are releasing the Super Smash Bros game. For all the Nintendo nerds out there, give me a hell yeah!

The POG Era and the Fun Times Slamming!

You grew up in the prime gaming time when POGS were just starting up. If you don't know what POGS are, here's a video explaining POGS called if they land face up they're mine....

A+ for this Video Game Commentator Playing Guts & Glory

Sound up for this funny video gamer commentator. Not only is this game pretty intense, Guts and Glory, but the commentator playing it just makes it even more fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewREFvfyeZQ

Any Gamer Can Relate to This Comic

When I was younger I was certainly a gamer. The gaming in bed, the whole accomplishing it all feel. We have a funny gamer comic here that expresses the universal hatred that unites ALL...

Guess the Chip or Strip Is the New Game (Video)

The games that are brought up now and days are just ridiculously wild. Wild in a fun way though. This 'guess the chip or strip' kind of speaks for itself so lets see some...

Best Video Games of All Time

The people voted and voted these video games to be the best video games in franchise history, as of now. We want to see if you actually agree on this list.

Another Bad A** Call of Duty: WW2 Game Has Arrived!

Call of Duty World War II is now in and we have the official COD trailer for you. Gamers get ready for some intense war gaming (finally!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4Q_XYVescc