Bizarre Facts of the Day

Nothing like learning a little bit of random facts for the day. Enjoy these bizarre facts. Hey, facts are facts- you're learning!

The Facts Behind the Weird Halloween Traditions

I always wanted to know the facts behind Halloween. Here's six weird Halloween tradition facts, fully explanation for your facts of the day.

Testing the Hangover Cures (Video)

This is useful for all men and women out there. Especially those heavy drinkers out there. We have some fellas that liked to experiment to test the hangover. If there truly is a cure....

Chameleon’s eye

Chameleons are among the highly visually-oriented lizards, using this sense in prey capture, mating behavior, and predator avoidance. Unique features of chameleon vision include a negative lens, a positive cornea, and monocular focusing. The...

10 of the Richest YouTubers of All Time

Ugh, and it all started with a Youtube channel. Enjoy this list of the richest people on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9rgVRAp31M

Top Christmas Myths and Legends

Christmas holiday comes with a host of myths, legends, misconceptions, and commonly believed things that are just completely wrong. Lets get the list of Christmas myths and legends together for you. The Biggest Christmas Myths...

Fun Facts of the Day

Nothing wrong with learning a little bit of fun facts for the day. These are pretty interesting facts so take it in.

Pretty Amazing Time to Be Alive: Facts with Pictures

These are some interesting questions of life that is for sure. Enjoy these fun life facts of the day, or century?

Unbelievable Fun Facts About Your Body

Talk about amazing facts of the day. Here's some human body facts that will blow your mind.

Top 10 Google Interview Questions and Answers

Wait, these are the real Google interview questions? Um, im confused.
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