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Expectation vs Reality

21 Hilarious ‘Nailed Its’

Nothing better than making that grade A effort! Expectations vs reality hits in these funny pics.

How a Girl ‘Really’ Acts When…

The ladies always act a bit different around certain people. Especially if its the boyfriend, the family, the boyfriends family... but then acting alone is a different story!

How Girls Take Their Group Selfies…

Oh it's all said and done right here. This is exactly how 90% of the girls take their selfie group pics...

22 Pieces of Evidence That Confirm We’re Living in the Future

The title sounds bizarre but the content really explains some reasons aka evidence that may confirm we are living in the future... uh...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQVhT_9YDes  

TMW You Make Eye Contact with Your Crush (GIF)

Don't lie, this is totally relatable of when you make eye contact with your crush.

So She Saw This On Pinterest and Tried…

So this can fit under the expectation for reality category wouldn't you say? Or maybe just FAIL!

“When boys…” Wishing vs Reality

Sorry girls, not every guy is your fairytale. Actually, probably no guy is. Here's some girls expectation vs reality, or maybe wishing vs reality, in romance that got me.

10 Great Expectations vs Reality Pictures

That moment when you think it's going to come out how it looks on the cover, but totally doesn't.

Expectations vs Reality Photos (10 Pics)

You know when sometimes you're totally excited to see how it looks based in the cover. Well sometimes that cover lies. Let us show you some expectations vs reality pictures for you.

10 Hilarious Expectation vs Reality

Talk about expectation vs reality! Especially seeing the cover and then really opening it. Well that didn't turn out very well...