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Give a big WHAT to these WTF pictures. These wtf photos will make you wonder what is wrong with todays world! Get ready to LOL with these funny wtf pics!

Your Favorite Video Made? 9 Mill YouTube Views Say So.

We found this on reddit labeled 'probably my favorite video ever made' with over 48K upvotes. That said, we had to repost this reddit video because we need to know if it's your fave...

Typical First Date. Relatable? (Video)

It might be a short clip, but all the women watching this (if they are even on here) then you may want to watch out for those Tinder guys. Is this your obsession? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_dkaMn6rg0

Axe Angel: Technology That Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

This will blow your mind. If not, then something is wrong with you. Meet the Axe Angel. This is what technology can do today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIHwHqaY3SY

Throwing Things at Live Power Lines… WCGW?

Some people just need to be slapped in the head. Common sense buddy, common sense will tell you that this will not result good. But hey, what could go wrong?

How Deep is Too Deep with This Dune Buggy (Video)

Honestly, who does these things. This isnt called off roading, so what is it called - somebody please fill me in because this crazy dune buggy is pretty much a submarine. https://youtu.be/96EK-QO7jec?t=7m28s

Couple Tattoos That Just Aren’t Right

First off, you don't get a tattoo with your significant other especially if it's a 50/50 type of tattoo. Here are 25 couple tattoos that will make you shake your head no.

Is this Real Life? (Crazy GIF)

The imgur gif gallery titles this 'look a penny!'. Props for that title but my title would be, presenting you the craziest, strangest GIF I've seen in awhile. Look a Penny

5 Moments Captured That You Wouldn’t Believe If They Weren’t Filmed

We have yet another crazy video of the craziest moments caught on video. Like we said, if they weren't recorded you probably wouldn't believe them so let's get to it and show you some...

When You Just Go Too Far For Your Team

Just when you think the Patriots can't get any worse, we present to you one of the craziest Patriots fans of all time.

Most Awkward Thanksgiving Family Photos

First off, I'm not sure why you would do a Thanksgiving family photo in the first place. That said, you have to be a bit crazy so that's why we have these awkward family...

These Parents Just Went a Little Too Far

Sometimes the parents don't know when to stop. Whether it's the small thing or some serious things, this is the top 10 parents who went to far with their child. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiLkTsBIxQc

The Ultimate Oreo Dunks, Is This For Real?

We find the dumbest but most bizarre videos on Youtube here and there. This kid has too much time on his hands because he somehow has become pro Oreo dunker. Let's see what we...