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Funny Text Messages

Some people just don't know how to text message. For example, your mom text messaging is a no go. These funny text messages just go to show you the people who can't text message!

Welcome Back the Best YouTube Comments Ever

We always questioned the dumb Youtube comments but this time we are ready for a quick laugh with some of these top Youtube comments. Here we have 20 of the best Youtube comments courtesy...

Dumb Liars Caught Lying in the Act

Sometimes we can't get enough of these stupid people. These are straight forward liars caught lying through text messages or social networks. The first lie on Twitter is my favorite. Liars caught lying

30 Kids Who Accidentally Texted Their Parents

These funny text messages are epic. Have you ever texted your parents by accident? These kids are in the hole now by accidentally texting mom and dad. Wonder what they think now.

30 Funny & Awkward Real Life Break Up Notes

Sometimes you just have to move on. But come on people, these are just some awkward breakup notes. But we can certainly get a laugh at these funny break up messages that is for...

Handling the Wrong Text Messages Like a Boss

So a chick named Brandy gives out fake numbers to guys she meets while she's out, and THIS dude, who owns the number, takes it like a champ.

Perfect Way to Get Laid on Tinder

You would be surprised how many people say Tinder works. Lets get straight to this funny Tinder post, and yes I put funny- and show you how to get laid on Tinder...

15 Funny Ways to Respond to a Wrong Text Message

What do you do when you receive the wrong text message? Do you ignore it or say wrong number? Time to change it up a bit and learn some funny ways to respond to...


LOL, nothing gets me more than a funny hashtag. This one especially #mygirlfriendisnotallowedto. Okay now, what isn't she allowed to do...

LOL! Ever Waited Like This During a Text?

Talk about being so damn relatable to most. This is a funny comic with such relatable ways of saying ahhhh crap did I send the wrong text...?

Funny Wrong Text Message Responses

Ever send the wrong text message out and it may of been personal? Check out these funny wrong text message responses that will have you shaking your head.

The Creepiest Chat History You Will Ever Read

Well, this was an interesting conversation from the Whatsapp cell phone app. Yeah, beats out any other funny text messages that's for sure. Freakay!

Teach Me How To…

Whip and nae nae in text message form. LOL, how creative can you get with your texting emojis?