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29 Ways To Be Awesome in Awesome GIFs!

Source:  buzzfeed The post 30 Ways To Be Awesome! appeared first on The Reverend Dave.

That Moment When You’re Talking to your Crush and…

Suddenly someone comes in and talks to him/her which then ends your conversation.  

Which GIF Best Describes You in School? (Quiz)

Were you that rebel or that loser. Maybe that stoner or that athlete. Take the quick quiz and find the animated GIF that defines how you were in school!

Batch of Some Funny Sports Pictures!

Check these funny sports pictures with some funny sports memes and animated gifs! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

5 So Damn Relatable GIFs

If you can't say you don't relate to at least one of these then you haven't been out.

Growing Up Sucks!

Here's some funny pictures that just proves that growing up sucks! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

10 Funny Surprised Patrick’s!

Patrick Star seems to becoming a bigger star than usual with these Funny Surprised Patrick pictures all over the web!

Welcome to DGAF Friday!

Just another Friday, but it's a DGAF Friday kind of day with these awesome dgaf picures!

A Little Bit of This

Just a bunch of this & that in this post.  Some Fail Pictures, Funny Memes Pictures and some great GIF pictures! BEGIN SLIDESHOW
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