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Funny Dirty Humor eCards to Send To Your Significant Other

We're back to the dirty humor and some dirty humor eCards. These eCards are perfect to send off to your girlfriend via text. Do it you won't!

25 of the Best Simpsons Quotes

Out of The Simpsons many years on the air, we've gathered some of The Simpsons best quotes for you to cherish. The 25 Best Simpsons Quotes

Do Things My Way or Hit the Highway Mate! (25 Pics)

Some people just don't take any beef from anybody. That's what these people (and animals) are all about. It's my way or the highway they say!

Shia LaBeouf – Just Do It Ultimate Remix

If you haven't already seen the original Shia LaBeouf Just Do It motivation video, which im not sure if its supposed to be real or a joke but its funny, this is probably the...

Get Your Mind Out of the Unlawful Humor Gutter (20 Pics)

Well unlawful humor is sometimes some great humor so we're giving you a small batch of funny unlawful humor today.

15 Perfectly Truthful Demotivational Posters

Demotivational land we go with these funny demotivational posters!

Bring On the IDGAF Friday (20 Pics)

We call this funny picture gallery the my way or the highway!

The Funny Random Ten (10 Pics)

Bringing you the top ten funny pictures of the week including cute and funny pictures and memes. Enjoy!

We Call These the MILF Motivators (10 Pics)

Not certain on why we call them Milf motivators but they all contain hot milfs, and they all have strong facts along with them!

Classes That Should Be Offered in Life But Aren’t

Well, stupid 101 certainly isn't a class these days but it really should be. Plenty of you guys would be a top of the list graduate! Jokes, jokes. But here are some funny classes...

Batch of Funny Awesomeness Pictures

You want some funny pictures? You got some funny picures! Enjoy some of the funny memes, advice animals and that funny dumb Kanye West photo. BEGIN SLIDESHOW

10 Funny Lady Like Memes

Nothing like a batch of funny meme pics! But let's just add in some babes as well!