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Funny Animals Pictures

For the love of funny animals! Too cute and too funny these funny animal pictures will give you an aw and a laugh in one.

Otters Playing with Dogs Video

Because why not? Why not put a cute and funny animal video here for a quick laugh. Who would of known, otters playing with labs. LOL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCN21hhsYEw

This Cat NEVER Let the Dog into the Garden (Video)

We have to occasionally put in some cute cat and dog videos for you to giggle at. This funny animal video is a hoot. This cat will never let the dog into the garden....

Top 10 Puppy Moments in Sports Video

In honor of the past national puppy day we found a great puppy video on the ESPN website of their top 10 sporty dogs. Go puppy go! https://www.instagram.com/p/BvXEVr2BHSH/

Funny Puppy Video – If You Don’t Laugh You’re Evil

For real though, if you don't laugh at this funny dog compilation video then you have something wrong with you. Funny Dog Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cpRSgf18ZY

Alligator vs Python: Who Wins? (Video)

We have to still throw in some intense animal videos. We topped it off with one of the craziest animal fighting videos between a python vs alligator and the ending will blow you away. Python...

Mom Releases Butterfly To Only Get the Unexpected (Must Watch Clip)

Formerly known as a caterpillar, a mom shows kids how to properly release a butterfly after it's bloomed. Prepare yourself for a big laugh out loud. A post shared by Chad Evin Lore...

How to Take a Family Photo with Your Dogs

Cuteness overload! If you love your puppies, pets or animals in general then you're going to love this cute dog video clip. Now this is how you train your puppies to take a family...

Huge Picdump of Funny Memes

We've been behind on giving out the funny meme dumps provided by imgur but we are back and better than ever. Thanks to imgur and reddit we want to present a funny random meme...

10 Shocking Moments at the Zoo (Video)

You can't predict what anybody will do, nonetheless what animals will do. It can be good, bad or a huge WTF. Here we have 10 most shocking moments at the zoo video put together...

Gorillas Pranking Humans Straight Up (Video)

Animals in the zoo like to play games too and these gorillas are straight up pranking the humans. Serves you right people. Quit smacking on the glass already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmrSafsc4Mc

How to Play with the Lions at the Zoo (Video)

This has to happen. There are just people out there that like to have this type of fun (fun?). Here's how to play with lions at the zoo if you really want to know...

Puppy Howl’s at the Moon with Wolves from Zootopia (Video)

We always have to put a cute animal video. Especially a cute puppy video like this one. This german shepherd thinks he's part of the Zootopia crew. Let him be! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdQJVGZmp-E