Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff

You think you've seen all the crazy stuff out there? Think again as we present some of the craziest videos and craziest picture galleries out there on the web!

Don’t Mess with the Big Sister! HAH! (Video)

This is just amazing. Especially the background audio that matches up to the video of the big sis straight up kicking the poop out of the lil bro. Ouch. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvWCgDwHNF4/

New York City Blue Sky is Amazing (Video)

We all knew that aliens existed. Too bad the 'news' told us otherwise when the sky of NYC turned blue and told us it was only an explosion that turned the sky blue. Sure...

Exactly Why You Should Not Drive Around Lions (Watch)

Smart little lion. Rephrase, big lion. Watch as this lion opens the car door of tourists passing by. Run! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeaztQK9If0

The Hot New Way to Tee Off

God bless this girl for trusting this guy teeing off her butt. You read it right, this broad decided to allow her friend to drive a ball off her butt and wow. They say,...

Alligator vs Python: Who Wins? (Video)

We have to still throw in some intense animal videos. We topped it off with one of the craziest animal fighting videos between a python vs alligator and the ending will blow you away. Python...

And This is Why Tourists Are Dumb

We didn't title the post leopard attacks tourist just because it's too brief. We wanted to describe it just as it is, tourists being dumb. That said, this tourist is getting attached by a...

A Big Trippy Roller Coaster

This is a woah dude, infact its from the reddit woahdude. And quite honestly, this has tho be the craziest roller coaster ever on video none the less. Or wait, is it the way...

How Deep is Too Deep with This Dune Buggy (Video)

Honestly, who does these things. This isnt called off roading, so what is it called - somebody please fill me in because this crazy dune buggy is pretty much a submarine. https://youtu.be/96EK-QO7jec?t=7m28s

Who Would Want This Job? Nope. Not Me!

Want to see something mildly interesting? Courtesy of the mildlyinteresting subreddit, we found something that caught our eye today. It's like Where's Waldo because you're going to really have to look here... Yes, that is...

Body Painted Cosplay That Will Blow Your Mind

If you clicked this video, you either know what cosplay is or body paint or both. Regardless, these cosplay body paintings are just insane. Cosplay Body Paintings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaCF39XnxEE

Learn What Really Happens When Eating a Tide Pod

Today's generation is just crazy. I mean, why would you even put a Tide pod near your mouth. It's squishy but it doesn't look very appetizing. Here's what really happens when you eat a...

Top 5 Incredibly Banned Commercials (Video)

Because why not, right? Why not just check out the top 5 banned commercials because we're feeling like a rebel today. Top Banned Commercial Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyAkKn2l_u8