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Couples Outfits That Make You Want to Scream (25 Pics)

Well they are certainly a one of a kind couple with these matching outfits. But why! WHY oh why are these ridiculous outfits even available!

Newspaper Headlines That Make You Hate This World (30 Pics)

That is why this can easily fall under DGAF Friday. Why you ask? Let's just browse on through the ridiculous newspaper headlines about our world today. Some you have to look harder, the others...

Uhhh.. Some WTF Breaking News Moment Fails (30 Pics)

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Congrats, You’ve Been Chosen for WTF Is This?! (15 Pics)

From stupid signs around the world to stupid people, or maybe just crazy things in general; we bring to you a whole batch of WTF pictures!

You Named Your Baby What?! (25 Pics)

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10 Best of Craigslist Pictures

The things people put on Craiglist are just ridiculous. So let's just show you some of the most recent funny Craigslist posts and you tell us what you think!

8 Pictures I Still Don’t Understand

These weird photos can explain how messed up and stupid some things in this world are today.

People With No Common Sense = Idiots (Watch)

The title really explains it all. Watch some of the biggest idiots video compilation to shake your head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SExDEumSABM

Probably the Most Interesting Tactics and Comments Ever (25 Pics)

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Expectations vs Reality Photos (10 Pics)

You know when sometimes you're totally excited to see how it looks based in the cover. Well sometimes that cover lies. Let us show you some expectations vs reality pictures for you.

The Worst Gifts to Give Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

List Criteria: You're voting on the worst gifts. That said, the worst one should be at the top of the list The Worst Gifts to Give Anyone, Anywhere, Anytimevar RNKRW = RNKRW || {};RNKRW.pref =...

Time to Visit the Trashy Side of the Net

Bet you didn't know there are more than 1 side to the internet... and bet you don't want to know but we will show you anyways!