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More Truth with the Funny Truthful Charts (29 Pics)

While browsing through these funny charts you will see just bizarre yet true they really are!

49 Reasons the End is Almost Here!

So we gathered some funny pictures to prove to you that in some ways, the end is almost here! SMH.

I’ll Give You 20 Bucks If You Don’t LOL (20 Pics)

If you clicked the post, get ready for a little laugh out loud time with these funny pictures!

LOLZ in the House

Let's get back to that funny pictures part of the site. So, stop your babe browsing and get a laugh in at all of these funny pictures including some classic funny memes and more.

Wrapping Xmas Up with Funny Christmas Pics

So how was your Christmas they ask? Let's take a look at some funny Christmas pictures that may be able to help answer.

Bringing Back the Funny Memes of the Day

We are featuring the most popular memes of the week for you. Enjoy some of the most recent, highly liked memes from all over the social world along with a few other funny pictures...

Celebrities Now and Then!

I don't know if it gets much better than this! These funny celebrity pictures as kids, then and now. Even some of the funniest celebrity yearbook pictures we could find!

Well Thats Pretty Legit, LOL.

Well that really seems legit. Lol. What do you think?

10 Very Bizarre Job Titles

I mean, they have a job but are they proud of these odd job titles? Talk about bizarre- I wouldn't certainly wear a name tag with the title Head Receiver. Lol.

A Random Batch of Funny Pictures

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