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One Talented Squirrel Steals a Milkshake (Video)

It might sound corny but it's actually pretty legit. Bravo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWty5htEmeA

Clever Bulldog Learns to Use iPad… Wait, What?! (Video)

According to her owner Dawn, Khaleesi the English Bulldog is on strict bed rest until her upcoming surgery. Knowing that watching TV is one of her favorite things, Dawn sat the iPad down in...

AW! French Bulldog Can’t Hide His Guilt (Video)

Niko the Frenchie didn't have to say a word when he was accused of chewing up a pen, his actions were read loud and clear. Check out this hilarious clip! Credit to 'NikotheFrenchie'. Source: French...

Welcome Our New Leaders: CATS!

Oh snap! Beware because cats are smarter than we think...

15 Beyond Funny and Cute Animals to Laugh At

Not laugh at as in making fun of these cute animals but just laughing with them of how funny animals can be; or dangerous!

15 Pets That Know Exactly Where They Are Going

You gotta love these cute pets! They know exactly where they are going when you mention the 'vet'. Just like when you mention a cookie, but total opposite!

Hilarious Animals Who Actually Love Their Bath Time (Watch)

I mean, firstly, who has pet porcipines and racoons? I mean, I understand these cute monkeys but wtf. Anyways, here's a cute animal video of animals who love their baths! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHjAdnslnbg

12 Funny Cat and Dog Memes

Here's to some funny animal meme pics starring some funny cats and dogs!

20 Funny Unintended Photobombs

Source The post 20 Unintended Photobombs appeared first on The Reverend Dave.

Ten Funny Animals for the Animal Lovers

We don't certainly know if these are funny animals or cute animals so we made it a nice mix and match of funny and cute animals for you!

Can’t Get Enough of Funny Animals (Watch)

Talk about some funny animals in this funny animal compilation. Not only are they funny, but its a nice long set of funny Vine videos of funny animals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvdYyil6IEk