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Guys Caught Staring at the Hotties… Hilarious.

Heres a funny compilation of pretty much guys caught staring. Not necessarily by the hottie their staring at but by photo. Good one fellas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX1Ny08riuk

You – Got – OWNED! (20 Pics)

It's as easy as that. You got owned bro! Here's a batch of funny owned pictures and a whole lot of fail pics to go with the owned pics.

10 Situations That Probably Didnt End Well

Safety first they say, right? Hm, c'mon people you will own the fail pictures category with these failed attempts at life.

You Had One Job and You Did This? (20 Pics)

Talk about a funny one. This 'you had one job' picture gallery really makes you think.

25 Weddings That Couldn’t Go Any More Wrong

Talk about some epic wedding fails. Enjoy these never to be forgotten wedding fails. The 20 Most Epic Wedding FAILs of All Time

Great But Not So Great Tattoos of Celebrity Faces

I wouldn't neccesarily say that these celebrity face tattoos are the worst. It's more so why would you really want it that bad that you risk having a tattoo artist ink your body up...

10 People Having a Way Worse Day Than You Are

Having a bad day? Look at these pictures and make your day a little happier.

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Has Been Arrested Over...

This is 46 year old Robert Brown and according to police he's managed to get arrested 492 times.  Most of the arrests are for public intoxication, which would explain his bridge troll look. Do we...

People Trying Very Hard to Be Sexy But Failed (16 Pics)

I mean c'mon people. What makes you think you're sexy with these ridiculous pictures?

15 Beautiful Failures at Parenthood

Well unfortunately not everybody can be a great parent...

Fail Nation At Its Best (25 Pics)

We don't usually want people to fail, but when they fail we like to display the failures at its best! Welcome to fail nation!

Advertising Placement Fails are Always Fun (25 Pics)

Nothing like funny ad placements with a fat fail label on them!