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10 People Having a Way Worse Day Than You Are

Having a bad day? Look at these pictures and make your day a little happier.

Just Fire these Cake Decorators Already (25 Pics)

So I imagine being a cake decorator takes zero knowledge by the looks of these fail pictures. I'm guessing when they call to say what they want on their cakes, the decorator just doesn't...

Newspaper Headlines That Make You Hate This World (30 Pics)

That is why this can easily fall under DGAF Friday. Why you ask? Let's just browse on through the ridiculous newspaper headlines about our world today. Some you have to look harder, the others...

And Then That Wardrobe Malfunction Popped Out… (Watch)

I mean, what do you consider a wardrobe malfunction? I would guess it falls under the fail and funny category? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XKartWUMh0

30 Funny GIFS and Pics of People Who Want a Do Over

The post 33 People Who Want A Do Over appeared first on The Reverend Dave.

10 Great Expectations vs Reality Pictures

That moment when you think it's going to come out how it looks on the cover, but totally doesn't.

20 Reasons to Stop Your Mom from Texting

Old people and their efforts of technology. Especially cell phones and text messaging. Let's take a look at some fail text messages from mothers all over this world!

Expectations vs Reality Photos (10 Pics)

You know when sometimes you're totally excited to see how it looks based in the cover. Well sometimes that cover lies. Let us show you some expectations vs reality pictures for you.

10 Hilarious Face Palm Pictures

Do you know what a face palm picture is? If not, you'll have your palm on your forehead with a shake after seeing these ridiculous facebook pictures and more.

10 Hilarious Expectation vs Reality

Talk about expectation vs reality! Especially seeing the cover and then really opening it. Well that didn't turn out very well...

Funny Face Palm Pictures

Face palm pictures are so funny. The things people say today on the social network world are just ridiculous.

Probably the Most Epic Fail Compilation Video (Watch)

Talk about fail plus, plus! These are some epic fails all caught on tape in this epic fail compilation video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd2f0VLzsDs