Best of Stone Cold Steve Austin Entrances (Video)

The biggest bad ass WWE wrestler of all time always had his own epic entrances. We gather the best Stone Cold Steve Austin entrances from over the years here in this Stone Cold video...

Ryan Reynolds Reads the Most Searched Questions Online (Video)

This goes to show you how wacked out today's world is. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are reading the most search questions in this video and it's pretty interesting if you ask me.

Teenagers Today React to Notorious B.I.G. (Video)

We're going back into the 90's when Tupac and Notorious BIG were the biggest in the music game. What do you think today's teenagers think of Biggie Smalls? Let's find out their reactions.

Celebs Read Mean Tweets (Video)

These are one of our favorite types of celebrity videos. When people write mean tweets they're usually for no reason. We have celebrities reading mean tweets in this hilarious video. Let's check the video...

Easy or Not? Catching Balls in Virtual Reality (Video)

This is totally a today's technology post for you. A kid catching balls in virtual reality. Does he catch them or not? Lets find out.

Welcome Back Dave Chappelle (Video)

He may not be half baked (or he may) but that doesnt matter because he's back! Dave Chappelle is back on stage doing his thing.

Samuel L. Jackson Answers the Most Bizarre Questions (Video)

You don't want to piss off Samuel L Jackson that is a fact. In this case, you're not pissing him off you're just making him shake his head as he reads the most searched...

What’s the Hype About Nintendo Switch? (Video)

Everybody loves Nintendo. I know I was hooked on the original Nintendo and it's Mario, Zelda and Tecmo Bowl. So what is the big hype about the Nintendo Switch? Other than it looking cool,...

A Whole Lot of Drunk Right Here (Video)

Since it's the weekend we always need to fulfill theRACKUP with some of the funniest drunk video compilations. These people just can't hold their liquor, more so stand up straight. Don't get like this...

Jennifer Lopez Dance Off Battle on the Late Night Show (Video)

Every man loves a little bit of Jennifer Lopez in their lives. Especially when J-Lo is dancing. Here we have a dance off battle with Lopez and Jimmy Fallon on the Fallon show. Let's...

Testing the Hangover Cures (Video)

This is useful for all men and women out there. Especially those heavy drinkers out there. We have some fellas that liked to experiment to test the hangover. If there truly is a cure....

Facts Between are Boys Smarts than Girls? (Video)

Here's a short yet factual clip of the whole are boys smarter than girls. We already know which sex would say what, but are there real facts behind it? Lets find out.