Sexy Yet Awkward Pranks Caught on Video

Everybody loves a funny prank here and there. Even better is a sexy prank. But these what were supposed to be sexy pranks turned a bit awkward. Here's a funny video of sexy yet...

Jimmy Fallon vs Shaq in a Funny Lip Sync Battle (Video)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is always a great time. The other night Jimmy Fallon battled Shaquille O'Neal in a Lip Sync Battle and what a match up it was.

Exploding Diariah in Public Prank (Video)

I don't understand how people playing pranks in public like this, especially with fake poo, doesn't get beat up. I know if somebody played this prank on me I wouldn't let him run. OMG.

Smoking Hot Yoga Pants Prank (Video)

April Fools is over but we still love featuring the perfect prank videos, especially if they involve yoga pants. Check out this funny yoga pants prank for your daily laugh today.

Hulk Hogan’s WWE Debut Video

The infamous Hulk Hogan brought the excitement to the WWF (WWE). You were probably not even born when he made his debut but he was jacked. We have the Hulk Hogan debut video clip...

Poop Prank for April Fool’s Day (Video)

This April Fool's day prank is almost unreal. Unreal in a way where if somebody did this to me their head would end up in the toilet. This boyfriend and girlfriend pranksters have a...

To Kill Her or Not: Hair Gel Glue Prank (Video)

But honestly, to kill her or not, that is the question. This girl is known for pranking her boyfriend, and vice versa, but when you put glue in his hair acting as hair gel...

Sobro Coffee Table Stocked with Fridge, Charger & Speakers (Video)

Let's welcome the next item going into every guys man cave, the Sobro coffee table. This fully loaded coffee table is loaded with a 24+ beer fridge, phone chargers and speakers; nonetheless how sweet...

$500K House vs $10 Million Dollar House (Video)

This isn't an MTV Cribs video but it is certainly up there. From your average wealthy family to rich and famous we have a video of two homes, one listed a little more than...

Best of Stone Cold Steve Austin Entrances (Video)

The biggest bad ass WWE wrestler of all time always had his own epic entrances. We gather the best Stone Cold Steve Austin entrances from over the years here in this Stone Cold video...

Ryan Reynolds Reads the Most Searched Questions Online (Video)

This goes to show you how wacked out today's world is. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are reading the most search questions in this video and it's pretty interesting if you ask me.

Teenagers Today React to Notorious B.I.G. (Video)

We're going back into the 90's when Tupac and Notorious BIG were the biggest in the music game. What do you think today's teenagers think of Biggie Smalls? Let's find out their reactions.