Scaring My Friends Using Playstations VR is the Greatest (Video)

Would you consider this kid a true friend in this funny prank situation? He's certainly clever! This guy scares hit flatmates using the new Playstation technology which is imo hilarious.

Celebrities Getting Angry Caught on Tape (Video)

Paparazzi is annoying and I'm not even a celebrity. You wonder why celebrities get mad in public. This celeb video shows you some big celebrities getting mad in public caught on video. Good for...

If You Don’t Laugh, Walk Away (Video)

We have another funny video to test your sense of humor. If you do not laugh at this funny video then you have zero sense of humor, so just walk away bro.

Top 5 Funny Roller Coaster Moments Caught on Video

Since we are currently posting roller coaster videos such as yesterday's most deadly roller coasters we figured we should put the top funny roller coaster moments that were caught on camera.

The Rock Looks Back at His First Match 20 Years Ago (Video)

If you're a WWE fan, more so a classic WWE fan, or just a diehard The Rock fan you will love this video. The Rock is looking back at 20 years of his career...

Sexy Yet Awkward Pranks Caught on Video

Everybody loves a funny prank here and there. Even better is a sexy prank. But these what were supposed to be sexy pranks turned a bit awkward. Here's a funny video of sexy yet...

Jimmy Fallon vs Shaq in a Funny Lip Sync Battle (Video)

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is always a great time. The other night Jimmy Fallon battled Shaquille O'Neal in a Lip Sync Battle and what a match up it was.

Exploding Diariah in Public Prank (Video)

I don't understand how people playing pranks in public like this, especially with fake poo, doesn't get beat up. I know if somebody played this prank on me I wouldn't let him run. OMG.

Smoking Hot Yoga Pants Prank (Video)

April Fools is over but we still love featuring the perfect prank videos, especially if they involve yoga pants. Check out this funny yoga pants prank for your daily laugh today.

Hulk Hogan’s WWE Debut Video

The infamous Hulk Hogan brought the excitement to the WWF (WWE). You were probably not even born when he made his debut but he was jacked. We have the Hulk Hogan debut video clip...

Poop Prank for April Fool’s Day (Video)

This April Fool's day prank is almost unreal. Unreal in a way where if somebody did this to me their head would end up in the toilet. This boyfriend and girlfriend pranksters have a...

To Kill Her or Not: Hair Gel Glue Prank (Video)

But honestly, to kill her or not, that is the question. This girl is known for pranking her boyfriend, and vice versa, but when you put glue in his hair acting as hair gel...