This is Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Early!

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Teen Punches Officer and Then (Video)

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5 Magic Tricks Gone Completely Wrong (Video)

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Theme Parks Kids are NOT Allowed to Go To (Video)

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The ‘Are You Racist’ Test (Video)

This is a very interesting video. It's called the Are You Racist Test and it's pretty straight forward. They give you photos and you take it from there. Enjoy today's interesting entertainment.

Most Spoiled Kids in the World (Video)

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Arm Wrestling Accidents You May Cringe At (Video)

We warn you, these may be a bit disturbing. We have a video compilation of arm wrestlers and the arm wrestling accidents that happen when you just go too hard.

Fidget Spinner Experiments (Video)

The big thing now at all schools and work is the fidget spinner. Since that's the popular thing to do, we figured to put together a fidget spinner experiment that you probably will not...

Best Savage Times in Sports History (Video)

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Let the Body Hit the Floor! Biggest Football Hits (Video)

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Give This Lingerie Football League Player the MVP! (Video)

LFL, Lingerie Football League, is a man's sport; to watch! These girls playing football in lingerie are serious about their sport. I would say this babe is the MVP with what she does here!

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