Awesome Behind the Scene Photos of Movie Villains

This has to be one of my favorite movie galleries. You have your movie villains which are the bad guys, then you have them in real life on the set, behind the scenes doing...

10 Awesome Things You Want But Don’t Need

Add to cart, add to cart... yup pretty much all of these items are on my awesome wish list aka my want vs need list.

Love Comes in Many Forms

And these are some precious moments of how love can come in many forms. Great post right here.

Probably the Best Yard Sale Jackpot…

Wow, so dang clutch! Just wait for it...

Old Guy Beer Bong… Hashtag THUGLIFE! (Video)

This guy is a BOSS! Bet you can't do that, AHA!

Florida Hotel Wakes Up Spring Breakers with ‘Circle of Life’ (Watch)

Now this is an epic move by a Florida hotel filled with Spring breakers. Who doesn't love the best song of the Lion King movie Circle of Life?

Husky Man Scolds Siberian Husky (Watch)

But not without the husky dog "talking back," of course.

Ever get so mad at an opossum that you proceed to curse it out?...

This is exactly what I would have said to the skunk that sprayed my dog a few months ago. (NSFW for the offensive language)

This grandma will make you fall in love with the coco! (Watch)

If you weren't already in love with the coco, you will be by the end of this gospel cover by somebody's grandmother in her Sunday best. I'll admit that she makes me want to...

LOL… Now This is Called THUG LIFE! (Watch)

You don't know the meaning of THUG LIFE until you watch these funny thug life videos in this thug life video compilation!

This Snapchat Girl is Showing Up Her Ex Hard!

This clever girl is spot on with all these funny Snapchat comments. Let's review...

Funny White & Gold or Blue Pictures to End It! (22 Pics)

So, is the dress white and gold or blue and gold. We need to find out the whole 'what color is this dress' ordeal. Maybe its blue and brown or brown and white? This...