Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me Tropical Sun Remix (Video)

This is probably everybody's favorite sing along song, in the most wrong way. That is why everybody loves it. We found a great Shaggy remix on Youtube. Let us introduce you to the It...

Who Said Girls Can’t Rap (Video)

Because this chick knows how to drop some lines. With over 2 million Youtube views this girl spits some crazy freestyle.

Lil Dicky Drops New Freestyle for Tim Westwood (Video)

I'm a fan of this white boy rapper. Lil Dicky can rap, he can freestyle and that's what we are introducing right here. Lil Dicky dropping a big freestyle for Tim Westwood (who's that?).

Over 1 Hour of 90’s Alternative Rock Music in One (Listen)

We figured we would do a 90's music post for all you 90's fans. Heres an alternative rock 90's music video full of all the top alternative rock videos you know!

Rage Against the Machine’s First Live Performance (Video)

If you're a Rage Against the Machine fan then you will love this video. Low quality but its Rage Against the Machine's first live performance. Flashback!

Flashback! Can You Finish these 90’s Songs?

Here's another fun 90's quiz this time with popular 90's music. Can you finish these lyrics of these popular 90's songs? Let's see!

White Boy Dominated in High School Rap Battle (Video)

We all know somebody named Eminem, a brilliant white rapper. How about this white boy in high school. No, we aren't comparing him to Eminem but he's a white boy that can throw down...

A Sweet Music Video Fulled with a Batch of Bikini Babes (Video)

You have a good mix of music and a great mix of bikini babes. Such a perfect combination in this music video here.

How David Bowie Changed People’s Lives

David Bowie was one of a kind. He changed people, he may of changed the world in ways. On this list you’ll see artists who David Bowie influenced and quotes about David Bowie that...

Top Sexiest Britney Spears Music Videos of All Time

Here we are with a blast from the past and some current actually. This is def when Britney Spears was one of the sexiest singers out there. Who remembers the MTV TRL back in...

List of the Top Music Videos of 2015

We always bring you the best music videos of each year at the very end of the year. Let's review the top 20 music videos of 2015 in this list of the top music...

New Star Wars Cast Sings “Staying Alive” (Video)

Here we go, more Star Wars stuff. Recently on Jimmy Fallon, Fallon got the Star Wars cast to boogy down and sing Staying Alive. It's a pretty good music video I must say.