The Big Bang Theory Bloopers You’ll Like (Video)

Who doesn't love Penny from the Big Banh Theory? I know I do tht is for sure. We have some bloopers and cut outs from the show you'll find funny.

Kevin Hart Reacts to… Kevin Hart (Video)

Ever wonder what comedian actually think of themselves. Well, if theyre as successful as Kevin Hart im sure they don't worry much but we have a video of Kevin Hart reacting to Kevin Hart....

The Librarian Skit on Saturday Night Live (Video)

Some of the most classic SNL skits will always be funny. The Librarian on Saturday Night Live is one of those funny SNL moments. Featuring Margot Robbie as the librarian these kids fail hard.

Nerds Step Up, Play Basketball in the Hood (Video)

Based on the title how do you think the results came out? Watch this kids challenge as he goes and plays ball in the hood.

A Kevin Hart Cartoon – “My Mommy Let Me Curse” (Video)

Everything brought to you by Kevin Hart is going to be hilarious. How about a Kevin Hart cartoon? We pulled this hilarious cartoon called "My mommy let me curse" from Youtube and yes, we...

We Bet You Can’t Not Laugh at this Family Guy Compilation (Video)

We all need a little laughter. How about some funny Family Guy clips. It's called teh try not to laugh Family Guy video. Here's plenty of the funniest clips we found.

David Blaine Pulling Crazy Magic on Celebrities Like Drake (Video)

Not only is magician and illusionist David Blaine at it again, he's going for celebrities this time. David Blaine plays magic on Drake, Curry, Margot and plenty more celebrities in this David Blaine magic...

The Giant Basketball Arcade Battle with DudePerfect (Video)

Yet again we have the DudePerfect crew doing just some awesome things in life. In this awesome challenge we have what you would call a giant basketball arcade. When will I get my invite...

Dave Chappelle’s Walking Dead SNL Skit Was Epic (Video)

If you're a Walking Dead fan you will understand this funny SNL skit. If you're not, you'll just enjoy Dave Chappelle's stand up comedy, as you always would. Enjoy this epic Chappelle's SNL skit...

Full Hour of David Blaine’s Magic Tricks on Celebrities (Video)

If you don't have much going on right now, which is why you're probably here, then we have one full hour of David Blaine doing magic tricks on celebrities. Sit back and get ready...

Quick Clip Loop of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Cleavage Scene

There's nothing wrong with a little bit of a flashback of one of the hottest celebrities, Jennifer Love Hewitt, in one of her hottest movie scenes. Let's get to the sexy loop courtesy of...

Clip of South Park’s Reaction to Trump’s Presidential Victory (Video)

South Park is always on top of their history. We have a short clip from the other night's South Park episode right after the big Trump win.