The ‘Are You Racist’ Test (Video)

This is a very interesting video. It's called the Are You Racist Test and it's pretty straight forward. They give you photos and you take it from there. Enjoy today's interesting entertainment.

Most Spoiled Kids in the World (Video)

These spoiled kids will make you hate them but then their parents even more. We have a video showing you the most spoiled kids ever in the world today. This crazy video will have...

5 Mysterious Places on Google Maps

The way that Google creates their Google Maps is quite fascinating. We found a Google Maps video that shows 5 secret places censored on Google Maps in this quick clip. Mildly or very interesting?

$500K House vs $10 Million Dollar House (Video)

This isn't an MTV Cribs video but it is certainly up there. From your average wealthy family to rich and famous we have a video of two homes, one listed a little more than...

Time of My Life by Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton (Video)

You have to love the people that put together these hilarious videos. Here's a video from the debate of Trump and Clinton 'singing' Time of My Life. You will lol, trust me. Link broken? Click...

Probably the Best Anti-Drinking and Driving Commercial Ever (Video)

This commercial should get into your head. No drinking and driving. That's the point they are getting to you, and this is an awesome drinking and driving commercial video that explains it well.

6 Coworkers You Probably Have at Your Job

Lets see if this video falls in the so damn relatable videos. This is life, this is work, are these some of your current coworkers?

Bad Lip Reading Presents ‘Democratic National Convention’ (Video)

Get ready for a quick laugh brought to you by the infamous bad lip reading Youtube channel. This time with a democratic national convention video.

$50K Later You Have the Ultimate Man Cave

If only every man had $50k to drop for his own ultimate man cave. Let's all just dream and be jealous here.

20 of the Weirdest Jobs That Pays Well!

Sign me up yet again. Some of these crazy jobs get some crazy good pay. And some of these crazy jobs you will not believe.

How Shaq Spent $1,000,000 in One Day… (Video)

Dont you just love hearing things like this. Oh, Shaquille O'Neal spends 1 million dollars in one day you say? Good for him... ON WHAT!?

Man Finds His Stolen Dog 2 Years Later and the Reaction is Epic (Video)

What would you do if you found your dog, nonetheless stolen, two years later? You would expect the opposite way here but get ready for some chills. This is great! (if video doesnt play click source)