This and That Best Life Hacks Lists

Best Life Hacks Lists

5 Mind Blowing Ideas (Video)

With the random number of 5, we have 5 incredible ideas and life hacks. This video shows you some amazing ideas that will have you wondering.

9 More Simply Life Hacks to Learn (Video)

We just love giving out some of the best life hacks tutorials in these life hack videos. Here is another set of 9 simple life hacks to learn. You're welcome.

Zip-Lock Life Hacks to Know (Video)

This lifehack might not sound very interesting but the ziplock life hacks are something you might want to know about at least. Here's a tutorial of life hacks wtih zip lock bags.

How to Create a Pad of Post it Notes into a Secret Stash (Video)

In this video tutorial it's a remarkable, and almost impossible secret stash creation. In this video you'll learn how to create a secret safe in a pad of postitnotes.

Three Special Ways to Open a Lock (Video)

We have a new tutorial and life hack for you. This one is a tutorial of 3 different ways to open a lock. You may know one but you don't know all of these...

Drinking Advice You NEED To Follow

For all you guys out there that know what you're doing, heres some pointers :p This post has been moved.

10 Awesome Winter Life Hacks to Remember

Here we have a video perfect for the cold. Some awesome winter hacks that will certainly become handy in the winter time. Here's 10 awesome winter life hacks to remember.

5 Awesome Camping Gear You Need

Camper come together and check out some camping gear that you must have and WILL want. Here's 5 best camping gears you should look into investing.

Life Hack: Defog Your Windows Twice as Fast

Here's another handy life hack everybody should know, especially the ones who drive a lot. Here are 4 steps to defog your windshield twice as fast in the morning and the science behind why it...

How to Cheat in a Drinking Race

You can call this a drinking race cheat or a drinking game strategy, either way you're a boss for even being in a drinking game. Here's a good cheat/strategy to win a drinking race....

10 Useful, Plastic Bottle Life Hacks

We're on a roll with the best life hacks recently. So let's take a plastic bottle and see what types of plastic bottle life hacks we have in store here. Here's 10 awesome plastic...

Hacks You Can Do with Hangers

This we call life's hanger hacks. You can certainly do more than just hand stuff with your typical hanger. That's why we'll be teaching your 10 hanger life hacks today in this life hack...