Of the Week Thirsty Thursday Pictures

Thirsty Thursday Pictures

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Beer

We figured that some beers facts you didn't know (or maybe you do) fits well on a Thirsty Thursday morning. If you think you know your beer, let's see what you think about these...

That Moment When You Drank Too Much And… (Video)

And you totally just went downhill from there. Thirsty Thursday is a dangerous day. We've all been there but not this bad in this drunk video compilation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CluHlKjZqlU

Thirsty Thursday Brings Us the Best Drunk Girls Compilation (Video)

Let's celebrate a little thirsty Thursday with some funny drunk girls and a wild video compilation of, well, drunk girls. Pace yourself ladies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8JMGrIcUdU

30 Girls Who Have Taken Thirsty Thursday a Bit Too Far

Sometimes people just don't know their limit when it comes to the weekday event, Thirsty Thursday. Truly, these drunk girls have been drinking a bit too much through out the day and night into...

Mistakes Every Drunk Person Makes

For thirsty Thursday we figured we would put together 17 mistakes every drunk person has probably made in their drinking life. Have you made these drunk mistakes?

Drinking Game: Don’t Break the Ice!

Who remember the game 'don't break the ice'? Well, of course somebody turned it into a drinking game! If you can still find the game, here's a drinking game for it!

Things That Bounce Thursday GIFS

We figured we would give the whole things that bounce Thursday a shot. Enjoy these sexy gifs of, well, things that bounce!

Drunk Walking with Style on Thirsty Thursday (Video)

LOL, got to love the ones who think they can still walk while they're completely wasted like this fella.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uStIIk5Z3s8

11 Types of Drunks You Can Label Your Friends

So, what type of drunk are you? We all know we have the 'I know im the sexiest' drunk, how about the others? Here's some funny types of drunks for your thirsty Thursday. The I...

Are You a Beer Genius? (Quiz)

So how well do you know the facts behind beer? Lets find out you alcoholic you!

Thirsty Thursday Wants to Know What Drink You Are (Quiz)

So, what alcoholic drink are you? Let's find out by taking this fun drinking quiz!

30 Awesome Shots and How to Make Them

Need a new shot to make and take? Here's 30 awesome shots and their recipes to get you going this weekend.