How to Play Drinking Game: Thumper (Video)

I'm sure you've heard of the drinking game thumper. Here's the instructions of how to play thumper the drinking game. Cheers!

Tightly Dressed & Ready to Star the Weekend (30 Pics)

Oh TGIF they say! These hot girls are ready to get their weekend started in these tight dresses!

Flashback Friday: Christina Aguilera

Oh man, who remember when Christina Aguilera was off the charts of sexiness. Yep, everybody's getting pregnant and old; she's still looking nice but lets take a flashback to some hot Christina Aguilera bikini...

Funny Animal GIFS Acting Out Your Regular Friday Night

Ah I like this one. It may just be spot on for you and your Friday night.

15 of the Worst Products for Lazy People

Some of you will actually love these lazy inventions...

Bring On the IDGAF Friday (20 Pics)

We call this funny picture gallery the my way or the highway!

24 Awesomely Rude, Humorous & Dirty Ecards

We all love a little sarcasm. That's why we bring you some of these funny unlawful humor ecards to get you going for your DGAF Friday!

So How Would You Go About Picking Up a MILF? (Watch)

This funny video should be interested. I think he does a pretty good job on trying to pick up a milf!

Funny White & Gold or Blue Pictures to End It! (22 Pics)

So, is the dress white and gold or blue and gold. We need to find out the whole 'what color is this dress' ordeal. Maybe its blue and brown or brown and white? This...

Bored at Work, Lets Take a Selfie (15 Pics)

Nothing like taking a selfie when you're bored. Especially when you're bored at work, or maybe just slacking like these girls bored at work pictures show.

Newspaper Headlines That Make You Hate This World (30 Pics)

That is why this can easily fall under DGAF Friday. Why you ask? Let's just browse on through the ridiculous newspaper headlines about our world today. Some you have to look harder, the others...

And You thought YOU Were Cool

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