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Give a big WHAT to these WTF pictures. These wtf photos will make you wonder what is wrong with todays world! Get ready to LOL with these funny wtf pics!

20 Funny Sorority Girl Pictures That Make You Wonder

College is something else. Sororities are even something more, and that's not a good thing. These sorority girl pictures aren't hot ones they are just flat out weird. Enjoy these 20 funny sorority pictures...

10 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Rich People

It's rich people like this that make the world look ridiculous. At least that is my opinion when you buy a solid gold toilet. Here are the top 10 dumbest purchases by rich people,...

Teen Punches Officer and Then (Video)

These videos of teens punching police officers are always funny. Funny in a sense of the office not getting hurt but the teen failing hard. Here's a teen punching an officer and the officer...

Most Spoiled Kids in the World (Video)

These spoiled kids will make you hate them but then their parents even more. We have a video showing you the most spoiled kids ever in the world today. This crazy video will have...

Ryan Reynolds Reads the Most Searched Questions Online (Video)

This goes to show you how wacked out today's world is. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are reading the most search questions in this video and it's pretty interesting if you ask me.

How to Play with the Lions at the Zoo (Video)

This has to happen. There are just people out there that like to have this type of fun (fun?). Here's how to play with lions at the zoo if you really want to know...

10 Dumbest People with Crazy Weapon Fails (Video)

We never understand people that decide to do things like this. To get straight to it, The Richest has put together top 10 weapon fails in this bizarre video. Be smart people, be smart.

Hot Ice Experiment Gone Wrong (Video)

We still believe this famous Youtuber, user skippy62able, is just straight up crazy. If you've seen his crazy Youtube videos you will understand why. Unfortunately, here is his hot ice experiment gone completely wrong....

Snap, Crackle and Stupid! (Video)

This guy right here. In all honesty, I dont think even Jackass would do something this stupid. This big guy put a belt of fireworks on himself and decides to do what? Find out. You're...

Probably the Worst Drug Deal Ever (Video)

Any drug deal is bad obviously but we have the worst drug deal ever caught on camera. Oh, by the way it could be a comedy or it could be real. Let's find out.

Samsung is Not Responsible for Any Shrapnel Lodged into Your Head

The whole 3D technology or what ever this device is you use with your Samsung phone looks pretty neat. But honestly, would you trust another Samsung device? Especially right in front of your eyes?...

The Best Redneck Amazon Echo You Will Ever See (Video)

This might be your favorite funny short clips of the week today. The most amazing Amazon Alexa hack brough to you by the smartest (rednecks) guys out there. Clever guys, clever.