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Perfect Pranks

Ever played a funny prank on a friend? If you think you got them good, you have to see these perfect pranks these people are pulling! You just got served!

Sexy Yet Awkward Pranks Caught on Video

Everybody loves a funny prank here and there. Even better is a sexy prank. But these what were supposed to be sexy pranks turned a bit awkward. Here's a funny video of sexy yet...

Exploding Diariah in Public Prank (Video)

I don't understand how people playing pranks in public like this, especially with fake poo, doesn't get beat up. I know if somebody played this prank on me I wouldn't let him run. OMG.

Smoking Hot Yoga Pants Prank (Video)

April Fools is over but we still love featuring the perfect prank videos, especially if they involve yoga pants. Check out this funny yoga pants prank for your daily laugh today.

Poop Prank for April Fool’s Day (Video)

This April Fool's day prank is almost unreal. Unreal in a way where if somebody did this to me their head would end up in the toilet. This boyfriend and girlfriend pranksters have a...

To Kill Her or Not: Hair Gel Glue Prank (Video)

But honestly, to kill her or not, that is the question. This girl is known for pranking her boyfriend, and vice versa, but when you put glue in his hair acting as hair gel...

Revenge Time with Drunk Girlfriend Prank (Video)

No man loves when their girl is playing a prank on them. Then again, how many times do you think this girlfriend has been pranked. It's revenge time with this drunk girlfriend prank! Action!

Playing Embarrassing Songs in the Library Prank (Video)

We will give you a quick laugh with this funny public prank video. This character starts playing embarrassing music while in a public library. How would you react to this?

Hot Models Boner Prank. How Cruel! (Video)

This is one of the funniest pranks in the sexy prank category. The lighting assistant is wearing a one piece spandex outfit helping with the lights, to a hot models shoot. What do you...

Sexy Lap Dance Prank (Video)

This sexy prank is just cruel. What do you imagine can happen when getting a lapdance? Only something bad if it's a prank. Let's just see how far this lapdance prank goes.

New Extreme Kissing Prank in Public (Video)

Sometimes you need to give props to some of these crazy pranksters. Especially these crazy public pranks. We have what they call an 'extreme' kissing prank in public here. Let's give it a watch.

Guy Plays a Killer Clown Prank on His Girlfriend and Succeeds (Video)

This is a perfect girlfriend prank probably because nobody likes a scary clown, especially with the random clowns in the streets now. The title of killer clown prank says it all. Let's check it...

What If Your Crazy Girlfriend Smashed Your New iPhone? (Video)

I think I may throw her out the window. Not only to find out my girlfriend is crazy but she smashed my iPhone. Or did she. Let's find out what this is all about.