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Owned Pictures

Sorry but you just got owned! Check out these funny owned pictures of just random acts of stupidity! Nothing says owned than a big foot in the face. Browse owned pics for days at!

You – Got – OWNED! (20 Pics)

It's as easy as that. You got owned bro! Here's a batch of funny owned pictures and a whole lot of fail pics to go with the owned pics.

White Boy Dominated in High School Rap Battle (Video)

We all know somebody named Eminem, a brilliant white rapper. How about this white boy in high school. No, we aren't comparing him to Eminem but he's a white boy that can throw down...

30 Girls Who Have Taken Thirsty Thursday a Bit Too Far

Sometimes people just don't know their limit when it comes to the weekday event, Thirsty Thursday. Truly, these drunk girls have been drinking a bit too much through out the day and night into...

The BEST Dumping Video of a Cheating Girl (Video)

LOL, these are kind of depressing but a cheating girl deserves what's coming to her. We categorize this dumping video as OWNED!

15 People That are Having a Worse Day Than You

So when you think you're having a bad day, just look at this post and see that people are having a much worse day than yours!  

25 Photos Taken a Second Before Disaster

These perfect timing pictures don't say anything more than perfect timing before disaster strikes!

Guy Handling Texting His Cheating Girlfriend Like a Boss

This girl just got owned in this funny breakup text message of a guy just handling his cheating girlfriend like a boss! Touche!  

THUG LIFE: Car Aint Got Nothing on This Horse (Video)

Can't go wrong with a funny short thug life video.

Tipsy Turney Tuesday (30 Pics)

We all may start a little early when we drink. Thirsty Thursday what? DGAF Friday who? Here's some early birds with legit drunk pictures; who obviously started the week too hard.

This Months Best Thug Life Compilation (Video)

You can't help but laugh at these funny thug life videos all the time. Here's one of the funniest thug life compilation of the month.

When Your Jam Comes on in the Gym… (Video)

LOL! Fact? I actually wonder how much that hurt at the end...

Angry Gymnast Suspension Phone Prank (Watch)

LOL... ready for something to make your day? Remember prank calls? This one is clutch!