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Talk about one big funny fail. Usually failing isn't a funny thing but all of these are some funny fail pictures and stories to laugh at.

BCC Workers Caught Watching Porn… Live on TV (Video)

This is one of a kind photobomb. A very unintentional photobomb, in a very awkward situation. This BCC news worker is spotted watching some soft porn in the background of the live show. This...

Drink Up They Said (Video)

Your friends said to drink up, its thirsty Thursday. So what do you do, you drink and you drink way too much. Don't be like these funny drunk people because you don't want to...

This is Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Early!

This funny video compilation is full of people who just got a bit too excited. These are some of the most heartbreaking yet funniest never celebrate too early videos from all sports and other...

Most Embarrassing Stage Fails Caught on Tape (Video)

We have every fail caught on tape, even the celebrity stage fails. Courtesy of YouTube, here is the most embarrassing stage fails ever video for you to get a laugh at.

Best Slip and Slide Fail Videos

All of the home made slip and slides are either a hit or miss. We have a funny video capturing al of the best slip and slide fails all in one this time.

If You Don’t Laugh, Walk Away (Video)

We have another funny video to test your sense of humor. If you do not laugh at this funny video then you have zero sense of humor, so just walk away bro.

A Whole Lot of Drunk Right Here (Video)

Since it's the weekend we always need to fulfill theRACKUP with some of the funniest drunk video compilations. These people just can't hold their liquor, more so stand up straight. Don't get like this...

Most Awkward Moments Live on TV (Video)

This live bloopers video must be worth something if it's gotten over 5 million views on Youtube. That's why we're showing it off for today's humor. Enjoy these live tv bloopers that hopefully will...

Some of the Most Awkward Moments on Live TV (Video)

When you say it or do it on live TV there is no turning back. That's why we love these type of live tv videos. This awkward live tv compilation has only the funniest...

Favorite Fails of the Week (Video)

Nothing better then starting the week with some funny fails. This fail compilation video is hot off the press so get your morning started with some laughs.

Thirsty Thursday Calls for Some Drunk Fails (25 Pics)

Nothing makes you shake your head more when you come across some hilarious fails. Even better, a drunk fail. This picture gallery is just fulfilled with drunk fail pics, and well, dont get this...

Old People Fails (Video)

It's never nice to laugh at an old person but sometimes you just cant resist. Unless they're dying, we all can have a laugh at these old people fails.