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Don’t Even Answer to these Pictures…

Sometimes, it's just better off not to put a caption on a picture. Check out some of these Facebook Fail Pictures... BEGIN SLIDESHOW

A Little Bit of This

Just a bunch of this & that in this post.  Some Fail Pictures, Funny Memes Pictures and some great GIF pictures! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

15 Really Awkward Facebook Status Moments

Yeah, so be careful what you set your Facebook status as you might just get an unexpected comment from that one friend of yours you've always tolerated but wanted to punch. Anyways, check out...

Daily Funny Pictures

Funny pictures are back. Of course. Here are your daily funny pictures, demotivational pictures, fail pictures and more! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

Facebook = Failbook!

Nothing like some funny Facebook statuses and replies! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

10 Facebook Posts That Shouldn’t of Been

These Facebook fail pictures are just some posts that shouldn't of ever been. Either a stupid Facebook status or a terrible Facebook comment, they just are a head shaker. BEGIN SLIDESHOW

Memes, Fails, Texts and Other Funny Stuff (40 Pics)

So we decided to throw together one huge gallery of funny pictures including funny memes, fails, text messages, wtf and more. ENJOY!