LOL, nothing gets me more than a funny hashtag. This one especially #mygirlfriendisnotallowedto. Okay now, what isn't she allowed to do...

50 of the Worst Types of People on Facebook

C'mon now people. From scams to break up nonsense, just quit it on Facebook. Let's go through the list of the most annoying people on Facebook... The Worst People On Facebook

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I mean c'mon people, if you're going to have a Twitter please don't be straight up dumb with it like these stupid wtf Twitter statuses.

Stupid People with Stupid Comments (10 Pics)

Really though people, is this a joke? Are you from this world we live in today? Ok, don't answer that because we do live in a bizarre world.

People Who Know How To Facebook Comment Right! (20 Pics)

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You Named Your Baby What?! (25 Pics)

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Funny Face Palm Pictures

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10 Facebook Posts That Shouldn’t of Been

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