21 People Who Represent All Drunk Fails

We honor the age of 21 for bringing alcohol into these kids (and adults) lives. Here's a batch of totally drunk people and their decisions to drink a bit too much.

Drunk College Kid Wants His Mac & Cheese (Video)

C'mon kid, was this for attention or are you just that drunk that you want mac and cheese. Just wait for it at the end, then he learns what he can and cannot have....

Twisted Tuesday for these Maniacs

These dummies are just getting a little twisted for Tuesday in this Drunk Fails Compilation video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNqLu8rqhc8  

Drunk Walking with Style on Thirsty Thursday (Video)

LOL, got to love the ones who think they can still walk while they're completely wasted like this fella.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uStIIk5Z3s8

Tipsy Turney Tuesday (30 Pics)

We all may start a little early when we drink. Thirsty Thursday what? DGAF Friday who? Here's some early birds with legit drunk pictures; who obviously started the week too hard.

Do You Remember Last Night? Uh… (20 Pics)

Well we've all been there. The night and morning after that you have no idea what happened. Let's reminisce some relatable moments.

Thursty Thursday Calls for Drunk Fails Compilation (Watch)

We didn't know whether to add this to Twisted Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday. It's more so a thirsty then twisty Thursday with watching this funny drunk fail compilation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNqLu8rqhc8

Welcome Back Thirsty Thursday Pictures

It's almost Friday but only if you get passed thirsty Thursday! Some of these thirsty Thursday pics show some excitement and survival, others show total total fail!

To Drink Again or Not Drink Again…

That is the question! Especially when you just got owned with these funny drunk pics! BEGIN SLIDESHOW

Charlie Sheen Funny Drunk at Taco Bell (Watch)

Welcome back Charlie Sheen! Nothing like another funny Charlie Sheen hammered video. I'm not one to hate on people who are smashed, especially when you're Charlie Sheen and have a smile on your face....

Your Much Needed Dose of Laughter

Between funny memes or just some totally relatable funny pictures we would like to present to you a nice batch of haha's to get you through your day!

You’re Not Making It To the Weekend My Friend! (10 Pics)

These funny drunk pictures just go to show you that not everybody can handle a thirsty thursday!