Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Get your laugh on with these funny pictures. These galleries of funny pics will give you a big laugh in your day, browsing thousands of the funniest pictures on the web!

Drink Up They Said (Video)

Your friends said to drink up, its thirsty Thursday. So what do you do, you drink and you drink way too much. Don't be like these funny drunk people because you don't want to...

Most Epic Yearbook Pictures of All Time

I wish I remembered to make my yearbook picture as epic as these funny yearbook pictures. Here's a full yearbook picture gallery of the funniest yearbook pictures of all time.

This is Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Early!

This funny video compilation is full of people who just got a bit too excited. These are some of the most heartbreaking yet funniest never celebrate too early videos from all sports and other...

Teen Punches Officer and Then (Video)

These videos of teens punching police officers are always funny. Funny in a sense of the office not getting hurt but the teen failing hard. Here's a teen punching an officer and the officer...

Funny Pictures and Memes for Singles

There never goes a day where you won't see a funny meme on the social networks. We have funny single memes here today for all the single people out there. Enjoy these memes for...

Most Spoiled Kids in the World (Video)

These spoiled kids will make you hate them but then their parents even more. We have a video showing you the most spoiled kids ever in the world today. This crazy video will have...

A One Night Stand Casually Explained LOL (Video)

If you are one known for the classic one night stands let's see if this video is for you. Can you relate to this one-night stand situation? We have a very casual video explaining...

Most Embarrassing Stage Fails Caught on Tape (Video)

We have every fail caught on tape, even the celebrity stage fails. Courtesy of YouTube, here is the most embarrassing stage fails ever video for you to get a laugh at.

Best Slip and Slide Fail Videos

All of the home made slip and slides are either a hit or miss. We have a funny video capturing al of the best slip and slide fails all in one this time.

10 Shocking Moments at the Zoo (Video)

You can't predict what anybody will do, nonetheless what animals will do. It can be good, bad or a huge WTF. Here we have 10 most shocking moments at the zoo video put together...

Scaring My Friends Using Playstations VR is the Greatest (Video)

Would you consider this kid a true friend in this funny prank situation? He's certainly clever! This guy scares hit flatmates using the new Playstation technology which is imo hilarious.

If You Don’t Laugh, Walk Away (Video)

We have another funny video to test your sense of humor. If you do not laugh at this funny video then you have zero sense of humor, so just walk away bro.