Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff

You think you've seen all the crazy stuff out there? Think again as we present some of the craziest videos and craziest picture galleries out there on the web!

Arm Wrestling Accidents You May Cringe At (Video)

We warn you, these may be a bit disturbing. We have a video compilation of arm wrestlers and the arm wrestling accidents that happen when you just go too hard.

Most Dangerous Prison Inmates (Video)

All inmates in jail are pretty dangerous but this video gives you some facts on the most dangerous inmates in history. Let's see how crazy people can get.

8 of the Biggest Pawn Stars Payouts Ever

Did you ever wonder how much customers really make with their crazy old unique stuff they pawn? Here we have 8 biggest payouts in Pawn Stars history and it may blow your mind.

10 Deadly Roller Coasters You’ll Prob Say Hell No To

Are these roller coasters for real? If so, you can count me out. Here are 10 of the deadliest roller coasters that are actually somewhere around the globe.

Exploding Diariah in Public Prank (Video)

I don't understand how people playing pranks in public like this, especially with fake poo, doesn't get beat up. I know if somebody played this prank on me I wouldn't let him run. OMG.

Authority of the College Life with these Wild Girls (300 Pics)

We have the authority of the college life with the Weekend Schemers full of hot party girls, wild party videos and much more. Once you see these college girls you will want to go...

10 Illegal War Weapons You Didn’t Know About

Bring on the guns. We found a video clip of 10 illegal war weapons that obviously can't be used. Or can they? Let's see why these war weapons can't be taken out.

Nerd Steps Up and Plays Basketball in the Hood and the Results are Nuts...

Now is this white boy really a 'nerd'? Because I know he has balls for stepping up in the hood to play ball. How do you really think this goes down?

Judge Takes No Crap from Clueless Rich Chick. OWNED! (Video)

Judge doesn't take crap from clueless girl, Penelope Soto, during her hearing in court. Penelope Soto ends up flipping the bird to the judge and you should already know what happens next.

Hot Ice Experiment Gone Wrong (Video)

We still believe this famous Youtuber, user skippy62able, is just straight up crazy. If you've seen his crazy Youtube videos you will understand why. Unfortunately, here is his hot ice experiment gone completely wrong....

Grant a Wish Kid Gets a Painful Surprise before Scoring a TD (Video)

I cannot say much more than ouch! Grant a wish always allows a child with a disorder run for a touchdown. I think this boy started to celebrate a bit too early. If you're...

The Slo Mo Guys are at it Again with Football vs Face 1000x Slower...

The Slo Mo guys are fascinating. The ability to slow down videos like this are also crazy. Here's a video of a football being thrown at one of the guys and the 'slow mo'...