Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff

You think you've seen all the crazy stuff out there? Think again as we present some of the craziest videos and craziest picture galleries out there on the web!

Michael Phelps Racing a Great White Shark Video

You can believe it or not but we label this video crazy. Crazy cool and crazy insane. Michael Phelps races a great white shark in this video (sort of) and it's pretty sick!

20 of the Most Bizarre Water Attractions in the World

You may or may not want to attend to one of these crazy water attractions. This list of the craziest water slides, pools hanging off a building, and ever some crazy waterfall pool tops...

Dude Perfect’s World Record Edition Video

If you don't know who Dude Perfect is, its a group of kids that make money doing ridiculous things. Not like Jackass though, these kids are actually, talented? Whatever it is, they do trick...

Crazy NBA Shots That Weren’t Supposed to Go In

This belongs in the best NBA shots ever category or if there was a category for the best random shots in the NBA it would hit the top of the charts. Here's a video...

Pictures That Will Mess with Your Head

If you're just waking up this is not the crazy post to look at. We have a photo gallery of just photos that will mess with your head, illusion wise or just in general....

10 Ridiculous Boats You’ll Never Get to Be On

These 10 real life boats, yes we repeat these are real boats are just insane. These are some of the most expensive boats that only the richest can afford. Let's take a look what...

5 Magic Tricks Gone Completely Wrong (Video)

Get ready to shake your head and cringe at these terrible tricks that went completely wrong. Magic tricks are always a 50/50 chance of messing up. Here's 5 of those magic tricks gone wrong.

Theme Parks Kids are NOT Allowed to Go To (Video)

There are actual theme parks that kids are not allowed to attend and we have the top 5 adult theme parks you may want to think about. Here is a video showing you some...

Arm Wrestling Accidents You May Cringe At (Video)

We warn you, these may be a bit disturbing. We have a video compilation of arm wrestlers and the arm wrestling accidents that happen when you just go too hard.

Most Dangerous Prison Inmates (Video)

All inmates in jail are pretty dangerous but this video gives you some facts on the most dangerous inmates in history. Let's see how crazy people can get.

8 of the Biggest Pawn Stars Payouts Ever

Did you ever wonder how much customers really make with their crazy old unique stuff they pawn? Here we have 8 biggest payouts in Pawn Stars history and it may blow your mind.

10 Deadly Roller Coasters You’ll Prob Say Hell No To

Are these roller coasters for real? If so, you can count me out. Here are 10 of the deadliest roller coasters that are actually somewhere around the globe.