Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff

You think you've seen all the crazy stuff out there? Think again as we present some of the craziest videos and craziest picture galleries out there on the web!

Learn What Really Happens When Eating a Tide Pod

Today's generation is just crazy. I mean, why would you even put a Tide pod near your mouth. It's squishy but it doesn't look very appetizing. Here's what really happens when you eat a...

Top 5 Incredibly Banned Commercials (Video)

Because why not, right? Why not just check out the top 5 banned commercials because we're feeling like a rebel today. Top Banned Commercial Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyAkKn2l_u8

Cops Chase Nude Man on Highway Cruising on an ATV (Video)

Life is too short to not ride your ATV naked on the highway. This crazy ATV video, nonetheless, crazy police chase video shows a guy running from the cops naked on an ATV. That...

If It Wasn’t Film, Would You Believe It? (Video)

We're starting to like these bizarre videos. People capture videos that prove to you that it really happened, probably because they are unbelievable moments caught on film. Let's check out the latest crazy video...

5 of the Craziest Waterslide Stunts Caught on Camera

Talk about crazy. Some people just go all out and these insane water slide stunts, which I never knew existed, are something out of the box. The wild things these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFJWBaoTj6s

15 Crazy Pictures of People Before Falling to Their Death

We aren't going to lie, this is one crazy video. We're showing you 15 scary photos of people before death, those tragic images that captured people right before death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5qnkFw4z2c

Paint Supersoaker Battle… Sign Me Up!

If this is legit then please sign me up for this battle. In this video you'll witness a battle, a super soaker battle but that's not all. It's a straight up paint super soaker...

5 of the Best Roller Coaster Moments

As you can see by the featured image, there are some good times on roller coasters and there are some great times. We have for you a video of five of the funniest roller...

World Records Gone Completely Wrong!

These are videos you almost don't want to watch but just have to. This video consists of some brutal, gone wrong moments of people attempting the world records. World Records Gone Wrong https://youtu.be/x_cI9I39uV4

5 Inventions That Might Just Blow Your Mind

We always love today's technology. Even if it's not technology, but all the experiments might just bring to most fascinating products out there. Here is an awesome video of 5 inventions that will blow...

Most Epic Ways to Quit Their Jobs

We have 10 most epic ways people have quit their jobs, in real life. You have the guts to make moves like this then props to you. Here's a crazy video with some epic...

The Most Wild Animal Attacks Caught on Video

Break yourself fool! These wild animal attacks are some of the most amazing animal attacks we could find in one video. Some of these attacks will certainly surprise you that's for sure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FElqgxmiWE