New York resident, Kam Brock
New York resident, Kam Brock

While trying to get her car out of a NYC impound, New Yorker Kam Brock tried to defend her good character by explaining to the police that President Barack Obama followed her on Twitter.

President Obama's Twitter account
President Obama’s Twitter account

Thinking that the woman was emotionally disturbed, NYPD had Brock involuntarily committed for a 72 hour psych hold, but she was still in the hospital long after that period of time- she was there for a total of 8 days.


The pysch hospital only agreed to discharge Brock upon admitting that Obama doesn’t follow her on the social networking site. ¬†Unfortunately the woman was left with an arrest on her public record and worse, a hospital bill for $13,637.10.


Best part of the entire story?  The President actually DOES follow Brock on Twitter!